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Big tice
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Big tice

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Just a long-term Big Tece in the world is an enlarged tooth type equipped with a precise functional anatomical form that was a long time.
The morphology of the occlusal surface is well embed with natural tooth characteristics and theoretical occlusal relationship of nasology, and the pairing tooth relationship has a complete three-point contact.
You can also accurately understand the directional form of the spas and tooth sippers.
It is useful for teeth engraving.
● Set contents
Above, the first molar, the second molar, the first molar,
Eight second molars
● Size
It is an extension model of about 6 cm height.
● Material quality
Using a durable modeling stone, it is paid by careful attention, and synthetic resin coating reinforcement protection is performed to prevent dirt and damage during use.
An ideal bite diagram by securing the correct contact point and no disorder. By using the discrement as a zone, it will be a sharp occlusal aspect of anatomy, without hitting the occlusion and occlusal disengagement.

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