Research and Development-Commitment to Quality-

Place the bad quality and try again and again, and finally go out of the teeth, but it will be a good result that you can get good quality from the beginning to be good and economically good. . 'Quality only to protect patients'' From the awareness of research and development, we are thoroughly pursuing "quality" in research and development.


All of the original dental technology and products of ATD are ATD American founders and are researched and developed by Tanaka Asami of the University of Texas Dental Department.


Acquisition of numerous patents with creative technology

  • Bitech Spast Marking Material
  • Big teeth ideal tooth morphological model
  • Caspball 3-point contact occlusal surface design concept with instrument
  • Poselen fired plate by design of uniform temperature distribution
  • Concepts and designs of Pocelenergenergic tray that can always be used
  • Zircolageylconia coloring solution
  • Zirclo-chromedylconia stain material
  • Z-raster glaze spray
  • Sunrise Metal Formula
  • Sunrise bridge structure
  • Sunrise isostatic press technology


Japan University Dental Department, Tokyo Medical Dental University, University of Medical Instruments Research Laboratories, and Graduated from the Central University Law, 1968. He studied in Kentucky State University Business School and graduated in 1972.
After that, he developed and fabricates medical instruments and materials that incorporate ATD USA and incorporating the world's leading dental care technology to realize the theory clinical practice.
His creative ideas and theory demonstrated through the clinical, theory is highly evaluated, and in 1993, the American Dental Corporation Association will serve each other.

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