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You can accommodate the opalate here. Moth
Since every need for a need for a single tray, the required opport is all stored in a single tray, and there is no need for a bottle of the required ope, or the time and effort to mix, can be reused, and is labor saving and economical.
A. T. If you use an opaque instrument (glass) and thermal dry, opcorched (dry only heat such as dryer), the efficiency of work will increase more.
It is convenient to use a small amount of zircle color.

● You can use it immediately when 15 color ops are required.
● Designed not to dry quickly.
● Open instruments are designed to be easy to take opportunity.
● OPADING DIRY, Dainin Modifier can also be used.
● Because it is covered, it is economical because the opports of the accredited opport can be reused. (High quality alumina magnetization, glaze finish)

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