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You can be built soon at any time. In addition, the built-in water can be used for a long time to keep the built-in water in a wet that can always be built.
When Porselen is dried during bundling, air bubbles are entered, the transparency falls, the strength is reduced, and the quality is slipped, and the quality is reduced. Also, the reincarnation will reduce the efficiency of work and waste the material. However, Everwet he can use pouchelet layers to efficiently create high quality prosthesities.
Furthermore, since the surface is smooth, it prevents pollution by wearing brush and instrument and contamination by mixing their porselen.
Because it can be used for a long time, it can save time and material.

Water is injected from one of two holes on the surface of the tray and water is filled from other holes to emit water. If Porselen is midday with water and in contact with a cotton core, the water is continuously supplemented from the water tank at the bottom of the tray, so Pocelen is not drying. Trees sometimes inject water (once a couple of weeks). (High quality alumina magnetization, glaze finish)

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