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No model hardening liquid film, and there is no point.
Our part is deepened into plaster model material, aiming at microscopic bishaffice and strengthens the model material. Products are considered to paint in advance as it is considered to delay the drying time and sufficiently insert.
It is most ideal to paint during model production.

1. It is applied to the abutment teeth and preventing damage to the teeth in the crown production process.
2. Combination of the pairing model and prevent damage to the pair of teeth and ensure the accuracy of the occlusion.
(Early side surface of maxillary front tooth and dog tooth part, the occlusal surface of the mandibular front teeth and the occlusal surface of the molar part)
3. Protect the contact points of the model neighboring teeth to improve the accuracy of the contact.
In addition, the moisture in the porselen is also absorbed by the model of the poolen band.
4. Complete the study model and protect from the model of the model and scratched.
5. Protection of the master model when acquiring the impression for side model production.

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