Light polymerization plate

Light polymerization plate

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There is no complicated work to mix the powder and liquid.
A plate of dead soft (clay) pressed on the model, it only needs to light irradiation.
No polymerization shrinkage, you can individual trays and occlusal floor in simple speedy.
Will not be bound by time does not solidify until the light irradiation.
In addition, since the waste of material there is no powder, it can be cheaper than the liquid.

① Speedy! Individual trays production time is 3 minutes (pressure 1 minute + irradiation 1 minute)
There is no time to mix ② powder and liquid. Plate-like.
③ a uniform thickness is obtained.
④ can also be easy to pressure-formed in the dead soft (clay), so any shape.
⑤ comfortable because solidify not until the light irradiation.
⑥ cost inexpensive material.
⑦ can firmly and the tray.
⑧ a variety of applications.
Example) impression individual tray, the base floor, a bite block, check bytes, core to confirm correct positional relationship of the connection in the oral cavity, articulator incisor guide plate.

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